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Onya Bulk Food Starter Set - Aqua
Onya Bulk Food Starter Set - Aqua
Onya Bulk Food Starter Set - Aqua
Onya Bulk Food Starter Set - Aqua
Onya Bulk Food Starter Set - Aqua
Onya Bulk Food Starter Set - Aqua

Onya Bulk Food Starter Set - Aqua

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Bulk food shopping is a great way to reduce the amount of packaging waste - but we all know how tricky it can be to carry lots of jars and food containers with you to the store. Onya's range of vintage style reusable bulk food bags are a compact, convenient and lightweight alternative!

  • Made from up to 4 BPA-free food-safe 100% recycled plastic drink bottles
  • 100% recyclable
  • Clear window made of non-toxic, BPA & chlorine free PEVA allows you to see what is inside and to write product name/codes
  • Use bags to top-up existing jars at home
  • Tare weight displayed in grams and ounce
  • 100% vegan-friendly

Available in Charcoal or Aqua, the Starter Set comes in a Carry Case measuring just 22x11cm when folded and contains the following;

  • Tote Bag: ¬†30cm long x 39.5cm wide¬†with a 24cm gusset and in-built pouch¬†
  • Small Bulk Food Bag: 27cm long x 11cm wide with 6.5cm gusset
  • Medium Bulk Food Bag: 35cm long x 15cm wide with 8.5cm gusset
  • Large Bulk Food Bag: 40cm long x 21cm wide with 10.5cm gusset

Shopping Tote

The shopping tote boasts a double lined base and extra wide square gusset making it perfect for transporting bulk foods in both bags and jars whilst the bulk food bags are lightweight and compact and a super-easy way to top-up your existing half-full containers at home so you no longer need to stock up on extra jars and containers.

Bulk Food Bags

The vintage style Reusable Bulk Food Bags are a convenient alternative to taking jars and containers to your local bulk food store and are made from BPA free, food-safe recycled plastic drink bottles with a clear window made of non-toxic, BPA & chlorine free PEVA for viewing or writing product names on. 

We recommend labelling your Onya reusable produce bags with a coloured wax pencil or whiteboard marker only as permanent marker is difficult to remove. This is particularly helpful for products like flour that can look similar in the bag. 


    The goal for these reusable bulk bags is to help people easily and conveniently transport their bulk food purchases home. The recycled plastic used to make them is woven in nature (not solid like other plastics), which can allow airflow to permeate. Because of this, we recommend transferring items to airtight containers for storage at home to preserve freshness.


    Onya bulk food bag packaging is made from post-consumer recycled material and printed with water-based inks so it is suitable for both recycling or composting!