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Zero waste liquid hand wash - try these sustainable alternatives!

Liquid hand soap versus bar hand soap - most of us prefer one over the other. And while we are strong advocates for choosing bar soaps as a zero waste option, we know it can be hard to break up with your liquid hand soap in the quest for a more eco-conscious home. The good news is that you can now enjoy your liquid hand soap, without the wasteful packaging!

These zero waste liquid hand washes come as solid, concentrated tablets or bars that dissolve easily in water ready to pump and lather. Find out more about how they work below.

Ethique Concentrate Handwash

When it comes to bars, Ethique know how to do it right. And as it turns out, they know how to master plastic free hand wash now too!

How it works

Ethique Concentrates come as plastic-free solid bars that you unwrap and mix with boiling water to make a liquid hand wash. Each handwash concentrate bar makes a 350ml bottle of hydrating liquid hand wash that can be pumped from any hand soap dispenser.

Why we love them

Ethique also makes concentrates for your other favourite cleaning and body care products, including body wash, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and a multi-purpose surface spray. Plastic-free made easy!

Tirtyl Foaming Hand Soap Refills

Tirtyl foaming hand soap refill packs are as economical as they are environmentally friendly. One little Tirtyl tablet makes one bottle of long-lasting foaming hand wash that’ll last around a month, and one box of 12 refills lasts the average household 6 months. Wouldn’t it be nice to cross hand wash off your shopping list for that long without having to hoard bulky and wasteful plastic bottles in your cabinets?

How it works

Keep in mind that Tirtyl tablets work with foaming soap dispensers only. To use, fill your foaming dispenser with 250ml of warm water, pop in a Tirtyl tablet and wait 15 minutes for it to dissolve. Two pumps is all you need for a rich, foamy lather.

Why we love them

  • Plastic free, 100% home compostable cardboard packaging
  • For every refill pack sold, Tirtyl pick up the equivalent of 12 bottles of ocean plastic. That's a bottle prevented, and collected with each tablet!
  • No parabens or palm oil
  • Lab certified, biodegradable and septic safe formula
  • Available in two scents: Lavender & Aloe or Coconut & Vanilla

Looking to cut down on plastic waste in your home? Be sure to check out our top 10 easy plastic-free bathroom swaps to get started! 

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