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Sugarwrap Eco Zipper Bags Made from Sugarcane - Small (40 Pack)

Sugarwrap Eco Zipper Bags Made from Sugarcane - Small (40 Pack)

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Sugarwrap eco zip-lock bags are a sustainable alternative to plastic food bags, for transporting and storing food while keeping it fresher for longer! Unlike conventional zip-lock bags, these are made from sugarcane - a carbon positive, sustainable and renewable resource. There are no petrochemicals, making them better for your health and for the planet!

  • Perfect for storing sandwiches, vegetables, fruit, baked goods, cooked food, and leftovers
  • Thick and durable to protect food from freezer burn and keep your food fresh
  • Microwaveable and freezer safe 
  • Made from natural sugarcane not petrochemicals 
  • Box contains 40 small zip-lock bags
  • Each bag measures 17 x 18cm

Sugarwrap products are made from Bio-PE, derived from Brazilian sugarcane. Unlike corn-based bioplastics, this material has no impact on global food production and also only occupies 1.5% of Brazilian arable land area. As it is cultivated in the Southeast of Brazil (2,000 km away from the Amazon Forest) it has no effect on the delicate Amazon ecosystem.

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