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KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup - Original Large 16oz Black (Doppio)

KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup - Original Large 16oz Black (Doppio)

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KeepCup is the world's first barista standard reusable coffee cup! Sadly, even the more 'eco-friendly' disposable coffee cup options on offer in cafes are made with materials that are not easily biodegradable - and did you know that those paper coffee cups have a plastic lining that actually makes them non-recyclable?

The answer? BYO coffee cup! Simply hand it over to your barista and have them fill it with your favourite coffee order. KeepCup Original is lightweight, light-hearted and available in a range of bright colours. 

  • Made from BPA and BPS free plastic
  • 16oz capacity
  • Beautiful to look at and to hold
  • Durable and easy care

Cleaning and Care

  • Designed to be taken apart for thorough cleaning 
  • Dishwasher safe on the top shelf 
  • Lid off, can be heated to 100°C / 212°F