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Ear Candles - Cone (2 Pack)-body-MintEcoShop
Ear Candles - Cone (2 Pack)-body-MintEcoShop
Ear Candles - Cone (2 Pack)-body-MintEcoShop

Ear Candles - Cone (2 Pack)

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Ear candles are traditionally used to draw excess moisture, earwax and debris from the ears. Happy Ears beeswax ear candles are made from 100% natural propolis enriched beeswax and unbleached cotton, and are available in straight or cone shapes. 

  • Natural beeswax ear candles
  • Plastic-free, recyclable packaging

How do ear candles work?

One lit, ear candles create a gentle vacuum that is said to lift moisture and debris from the ear canal. They may be beneficial to relieve symptoms for those who have swimmers ear, glue ear, ear aches, sinus problems, headaches, and to rebalance pressure after flying or diving. The process is also very relaxing and can help to calm the body and mind. 


How to use

For safety reasons, only use ear candles when you have someone available to assist you. 

  1. Take a bowl of water, scissors, tissues and a lighter or matches.
  2. The person having the ear candles applied should be laying on their side with their head flat.
  3. Place the candle through the protective shield (included in the pack) and light the burning end (wider end of the cone).
  4. Place the unlit end of the candle (narrow end of the cone) gently in the ear and hold it upright.
  5. As the candle burns, the person holding the candle should cut off any loose burnt pieces and place them in the bowl of water. 
  6. When the candle burns down to the flame-breaking ring, remove it from the ear and extinguish using the bowl of water. 
  7. Stay laying down in the same position for around 15 minutes, then repeat on the other side. 


  • Only use ear candles after reading the instructions included in the package and at your own risk
  • Always have someone available to supervise and assist you while using ear candles
  • Do not use if you have existing chronic or acute ear conditions, ear inflammation, skin conditions surrounding the ear or if you have a perforated eardrum or ear implants.
  • If symptoms persist, please consult with a medical professional
  • There is a chance of an allergic reaction occurring. Do not use if you are allergic to bee products.

Does ear candling hurt?

When used correctly, beeswax ear candles should not hurt. Do not force them inside the ears and always have someone assisting to monitor the flame as they burn. The vacuum created by the ear candles is very gentle and you may experience a warming sensation inside the ear, and hear some light crackling sounds while the treatment is taking place. 

Ingredients: Propolis infused beeswax, unbleached cotton.