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Banksia Gifts Essential Oil Aroma Pod - Medium
Banksia Gifts Essential Oil Aroma Pod - Medium
Banksia Gifts Essential Oil Aroma Pod - Medium
Banksia Gifts Essential Oil Aroma Pod - Medium
Banksia Gifts Essential Oil Aroma Pod - Medium

Banksia Gifts Essential Oil Aroma Pod - Medium

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The Banksia Aroma Pod is a beautiful way to diffuse essential oils in your space, with no flames, electricity or moisture required! Due to their porous nature, Banksia seed pods soak up essential oils and slowly disperse the fragrance through the small holes in the pod. 

The pods are sustainably hand-harvested under stringent conditions, and money from each pod goes back to support conservation with Western Australian Forestry.

Banksia Aroma Pods are available in two sizes, mini (approximately 5cm high) and medium (approximately 6.5cm high), and are an ideal natural aromatherapy diffuser for your bathroom, bedroom, living space, car or office and make the perfect gift!

  • The perfect natural aromatherapy diffuser for your home, car or office
  • No need for power, heat or water
  • Easy to travel with
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Unique and eco-friendly gift
  • Sustainably harvested with royalties for each pod paid to WA Forestry
  • Hand-turned by master award-winning craftsmen Anthony Hansen
  • Made in Australia


      1. Remove the cork stopper from the pod
      2. Add 3-4 drops of your favourite essential oil blend. The amount to add depends on the quality of the oil, so start low and build up if necessary
      3. Replace the cork and place on a protected surface
      4. Once the smell of the essential oil being used in the Aroma Pod has faded away, you can add different essential oils to switch up the aroma. Refill as often as desired.

      Note: As the Banksia Aroma Pod is naturally porous, we recommend placing something underneath it to protect surfaces from any leaks. 

        Sustainable Harvesting

        The collection of the Banskia Grandis pods used to make Aroma Pods is highly regulated by the Department of Parks and Wildlife Western Australia. Banksia Gifts Australia ensures that all procedures are followed to sustainably harvest the pods without disturbing the surrounding environment. 

        The seed pods collected have expelled their seeds and have completed the lifecycle of the plant. They are carefully handpicked to ensure no damage is done to the tree itself or the Australian bushland. To ensure that no surrounding plants or wildlife are disturbed during the process, the collectors carry this out on foot without any heavy machinery. 

        A royalty is paid to the Western Australian Forestry for each seed pod, which goes to aid in forest management and conservation. The pickers are designated certain areas to collect the pods, and these are constantly changing to ensure no one area is ever depleted. Only 10% of the Banksia Seed Pods can be collected in any one area at a time.